Murfor® masonry reinforcement system

Murfor® is masonry reinforcement consisting of two parallel rods joined together by third rod curved sinusoidal. Murfor® is produced in widths from 30 to 280 mm as reinforcement for cement mortar (type RND) or adhesive (type EFS). The reinforcement for mortar is manufactured in three finishing standards: galvanized (Z), galvanized and epoxidised (E) and stainless steel (S). Murfor® for thin grouts is produced only in the galvanized version (EFS / Z).


To improve the installation of the RND reinforcement the Murfor® + version is available, which has special ribs on the grating bars. They enable placing the reinforcement directly on the hollow bricks before spreading the mortar. This facilitates and significantly accelerates bricklaying work. Additionally, Murfor® + is produced from high quality ribbed steel to increase adhesion to the mortar.



The basic task of Murfor® is to prevent scratches and cracking of walls. Therefore, Murfor® is used to strengthen critical areas in buildings (see drwings below). A special role to be fulfilled by Murfor® is in facades, where in combination with lintel hooks (LHK40, LHK84 and LHK170) it allows lintel elevations to be made of façade bricks and eliminates stresses around openings by retooling the under-window area. It also allows to extend the intervals between dilatation (sometimes completely eliminating them).