Nova Sp. z o. o. is implementing a project co-financed by the European Union from the Program funds
Eastern Poland 2014-2020 under the name “Introduction of a new model
in Nova for the purposes of export development”.

The aim of the project is to develop and implement a new business model for the Applicant’s company
concerning export expansion to the markets of Ukraine, the Netherlands and Belgium and the launch of activities
promotions in these markets in accordance with the developed model.

The project concerns the implementation of a new business model, thanks to which sales will be possible
elements of the brick facade fastening system for goods on the markets of Ukraine, the Netherlands and Belgium.
The project includes:

  1. Preparatory processes for the implementation of the model;
    – Advisory service regarding the development of a new business model
    – Developing a concept for building a brand image on export markets
    – Designing a new version of the logo and visual identification system
    – Creation of new websites
    – Production of a promotional video
    – Production of a multimedia presentation
    – Printing of promotional materials
    – Development of an export order template
    – Development of a model distribution agreement for foreign markets
    – Development of a model agreement/contract with the client, the contractor of the investment or the investor
    – Designing communication procedures between organizational units, in particular the department
    export customer service and design department of technical and other projects
    existing departments
    -Design and production of a mobile exhibition and conference stand
  2. Promotional activities in target markets:
    – Searching, selection and establishing contacts with foreign partners on the markets of Ukraine, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Project value: PLN 705,745.30
The amount of co-financing from the European Union funds is PLN 508,659.35