Ventilation boxes

Ventilation and drainage boxes are made entirely of plastic. They have the shape of a hollow cuboid. In order to reduce the visibility of vent boxes on the façade, our products are available in six different colors – selected based on the color of the grout.


Ventilation and drainage boxes are used for ventilation of cavity walls and allow the condensation of water vapor outside the wall. This ensures that the optimal humidity of the insulation layer is maintained and reduces the risk of efflorescence on the façade. The vent boxes additionally protect the inside of the cavity wall from rodents and larger insects (grille in the outer part), and rainwater (special profiling inside the box). To make it possible to drain the water that has penetrated the outer layer of the wall, at the bottom of the outer layer, it is recommended to make a bitumen sheet apron or similar waterproofing material on a cement mortar primer (see figure below), and in the outer layer leave holes with a netted or shielded grid, which water can flow from the apron outside.

A similar solution should be applied over the windows. For optimal ventilation of the cavity wall the boxes should also be placed in the upper part of the façade (if it is closed at the top) and under the windows. In each case, the cans are placed at intervals of one meter maximum.


NOTE: If the façade has a height of more than 8 m, an additional row of cans should be used at the height of the façade. In the case of lintels in the Murfor® system, the boxes are placed above the reinforcement zone.


Ventilation and drainage boxes are produced in one format 11 x 6.0 x 1.0 cm, but there is a possibility to choose a color. The basic colors are white, light gray, dark gray, graphite, black, brown and yellow. Choosing the color of the box (the color of the joint or the color of the plaster if the façade is plastered), you can make the boxes almost completely invisible in the façade. In addition, the boxes have special lines to help cut them and fit into elevations of 9 and 6 cm.