Lintels on Murfor® reinforcement

Murfor® (supplemented with LHK lintel hooks) is suitable for reinforcement the wall in the lintel zone. It substitutes the traditional lintel beam in this way. It is extremely important in the facade walls, where in a very aesthetic way (all of the reinforcement is hidden in the mortar – so that only brick and welds are visible on the outside). Murfor as a lintel could be use when a span of opening  is no longer than 2 m.

Basic information and rules to remember when designing and building stone lintels:

a) to construct a masonry beam with Murfor® reinforcement in the tensile zone, so the lintel may not be too low in relation to the span,

b) minimum support for Murfor® on the wall according to schedule 5

c) it is recommended to rebuild two layers under the openieng in order to eliminate the stresses at the interface between the loaded side wall and the unloaded sub-window zone,

d) in the first layer of bricks, place lintel hooks in vertical joints between bricks. Depending on the arrangement of the bricks we use short (LHK40, LHK84) or long lintel hooks (LHK170),

e) The Lintel hooks are inserted in each vertical joint in the case of bricks laid flat (on the basis) and in every third joint in the case of bricks laid on the soldier bond

f) The Lintel hooks must always be placed in the outer joints of the lintel. Sample tables with a list of necessary elements to make lintels in the Murfor® system

Schedule 5. Quantity of reinforcement layers Murfor® RND/Z/50 for  full brick 250 x 120 x 65 mm, class 15 MPa, on mortar M-5.

NOTE: Reinforcement must be joined (except for the first 2 layers) over the length using min 20 cm pleat in 1/3 to 1/4 from the support wall and leaning on the wall in accordance with the value A from the table above. After laying, the lintel should be supported for 14 days.